Methods For Improving Magnetic Separation Effect Of Slurry Magnetic Separator
Jun 20, 2018

1. Optimize the physical properties of the slurry

a. Reduce the feed temperature of slurry as far as possible, usually before cooling into the machine, so that the slurry temperature below 80 degrees Celsius. 

b. Before entering the machine, sieves should be screened to ensure the granularity of slurry particles, so as to avoid clogging magnetic separation equipment. For example, induction series requires slurry to be screened through 60 mesh.

c. Reducing the competitiveness, reducing the speed of slurry feeding, reducing the viscosity and concentration of slurry can improve the effect of magnetic separation.

2. Rational selection and use of magnetic separation equipment

     According to the characteristics of different sizes, optimization and rational use of magnetic separation equipment can not only improve magnetic separation efficiency, but also save costs. The following steps are as follows:

a. Determine the total work flow and analyze the physical properties of the slurry.

b. According to the ratio of ferromagnetic impurities to the size of slurry and the magnetic separation effect that needs to be achieved, a practical magnetic separation equipment is selected.  

c. Determine the quantity of the equipment according to the capacity of the aircraft, and optimize the deployment of the equipment to give full play to the maximum capacity of all the models.

3. Improve the environment of magnetic separation, reduce labor costs and improve automation.

     The magnet magnetic environment, cleaning workers generally work in high temperature, heavy odor environment, the heavy and repetitive manual labor, easy to affect working mood, resulting in illegal operations, and the use of more manpower, the use of a large increase in cost. Only by using automatic magnetic separators can the magnetic rods be cleaned in succession. And because the process of special ceramic products, resulting in the factory production environment is very poor, but also put forward higher requirements for the use and maintenance of automatic magnetic separator.

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