Permanent Magnet Automatic Magnetic Separator
May 17, 2018

       Permanent magnetic automatic magnetic separator, connected, active and efficient elimination of iron impurities in cement, high temperature resistance, strong magnetic force, long life, need not be guarded exclusively; mill output value progress more than 15%, steel ball, steel section, lining wrench wear cut more than 20%.


      1. completed the iron removal process of continuity and initiative. When the equipment is started, there is no need to watch it. The iron impurity will leave the machine outside the machine.

     2. Using high remanence magneto NdFeB as magnetic source, using several sets of moving magnetic groups to capture iron impurities, the iron removal efficiency is high and the structure is novel.

     3. It is suitable for the closed material transportation system. There is no dust escaping in the work and no pollution to the environment.

     4. The power source uses small power deceleration motor, small volume, light weight, stable operation, less trouble, easy to use and easy to repair.

    5.Choose special wear-resistant material, service life doubled.

Working principle:

     The magnetic separator is connected to the material delivery pipe of 45 -75 degrees. When the material flows through the iron remover, the ferromagnetic material is adsorbed on the manganese pipe wall of the pipe iron remover and gradually slips into the iron outlet with the movement of the permanent magnet. Finish with the material. At the taphole, the permanent magnet moves away in the direction of the circulatory motion.

     The iron magnetic material is lost by magnetic force, and is discharged from the taphole under the effect of gravity to complete the active iron removal of the material.

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