Permanent Magnetic Cylinder Type Magnetic Separator
Jun 07, 2018

     Permanent magnet cylindrical magnetic separator has been widely used in black and non-ferrous metal concentrator. It has been applied in China for more than 50 years, and is one of the most important equipment in modern magnetic separation plant. The equipment is composed of high magnetic rare-earth Nd-Fe-B magnetic block and ferrite magnetic block, which has the characteristics of high magnetic field intensity, large magnetic field action depth and unmagnetic demagnetization. Therefore, the equipment has great ability to handle and has strong adaptability to production fluctuation and good selection effect. According to the different types of tank structure, it can be divided into 3 types: downstream type, counterflow type and half counterflow type.

     In recent years, the permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separator has developed rapidly in China. It has developed to large scale on the scale of equipment, developed diversified in the form of structure, developed into a series of product specifications, and many of the control modes have adopted program control, module circuit and automatic monitoring and so on, and have entered the field of high technology. Permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator mainly by the rack, permanent cylinder, transmission, to the mine, tank, flushing water installations. Magnetism adjustment device and other major components. Magnet suspension on the spindle support point directly on the rack shaft, with the help of magnetic system adjustment device. Can be adjusted within a certain range of magnetic deflection angle, permanent magnet barrel magnetic separator due to the large diameter, to the mine and mine smooth smooth, uniform. Selection with long, sorting and recycling effect is good, at the same time as a result of large diameter tube diameter to reduce the operation more stable and reliable, low noise, easy maintenance.

     Because of the complex properties of ore, the distribution of magnetic minerals's specific magnetization coefficient is very wide, the magnetic field of permanent magnetic separator is getting higher and higher, and the permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separator has developed from the multistage magnetic system to the new type of compound magnetic system at the present stage. The medium magnetic field magnetic separator is developed rapidly. The high efficiency Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic material is used in the cylinder, the magnetic circuit and the magnetic system are designed reasonably. The magnetic field strength and magnetic field force can be improved to the maximum to obtain better magnetic separation effect.

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