Potassium Feldspar Iron Removal Equipment
Jul 04, 2018

     The speed of the magnetic roller of the potassium feldspar removing iron magnetic separator can be adjusted. By adjusting the rotation speed, the magnetic separation and purification of feldspar minerals with different ores and different degrees of wetting and drying can be achieved.

The structure of the magnetic separator for the potassium feldspar iron removal:

     The potassium feldspar iron removal magnetic separator includes the rack, the hood, the raw ore inlet, the tailings exit and the concentrate outlet, including the magnetic separator roller motor, the reducer connected with the magnetic separator motor, the roller shaft connected by the coupling on the output end of the reducer, the magnetic selection roll fixed on the roller shaft, and the concentrate from the magnetic separator roll. The magnetic separation roller is composed of several magnetic rings arranged parallel to the axial direction.

Performance characteristics of potassium feldspar iron removal magnetic separator:

1. the magnetic system uses Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials. It has the characteristics of high magnetic energy, strong coercivity and high magnetic flux density.

2. high quality magnetic material is used as a magnetic medium, and the multi-layer induction pole is designed with high gradient. It is suitable for magnetic separation of fine particles and fine particles.

3. the best working face is directly contacted with minerals, and the utilization rate of equipment is high.

4. full magnetic design, the contact area between the slurry and the effective working face is large, and the adsorption area is close to 270 degrees, which can prevent the loss of useful minerals from the fine particle size.

5. the brush unloading device can effectively prevent the adsorption of fine grained weakly magnetic minerals in the non working area.

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