Precautions For The Use Of Dry Magnetic Separator
Jul 09, 2018

1. The cylinder wall wear of permanent magnet cylinder should be treated or re glued in time if it is found to be seriously worn after it is dropped.

2. If there is any iron and other debris in the box, it should be removed immediately after discovery.

3. Superheat of motors, continuously variable transmission and permanent magnetic cylinder bearings, the temperature rise of bearings should not exceed 35 degrees C in general, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 65 degrees C.

4. The tightening of the belt must be tightened.

5, wear of the belt, found serious wear and tear, should be the same length of the belt to replace the group.

6, whether there are enough lubricating grease at each lubrication point, whether the continuously variable oil level is normal or not, if there is insufficient discovery, it should be replenished in time.

     The use of dry magnetic separators must pay attention to the above points in order to ensure the safety of construction.


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