Purification Equipment For Potash Feldspar
Jul 11, 2018

     Potassium feldspar purification equipment is a permanent magnetic separator for purifying potash feldspar.

     Potassium feldspar is a potassium rich feldspar. Feldspar can be used in ceramic industry as a ceramic flux, and can also be used as a glass yarn as a filler for battery boxes and rubber.

The structure of the potash feldspar purification equipment:

     The potash feldspar purification equipment includes a rack, a hood, a raw ore inlet, a tailings exit and a concentrate exit which also includes a magnetic separator roller motor, a reducer connected with a magnetic separator, a roll shaft connected to a coupler at the output end of the reducer, a magnetic selection roll fixed on the roller shaft, and the magnetic ore from the magnetic separator roll and the concentrate from the magnetic field. The magnetic separation roller is composed of several magnetic rings which are parallel to the axial direction.

     The size of the potash feldspar purification equipment is determined according to the length and diameter of the magnetic roller. Generally speaking, the longer the diameter of the magnetic roller is, the better the magnetic separation effect is, the longer the length of the magnetic roller is, the greater the amount of processing in the daily production. At this stage, the diameter of the product of our company has been 800mm, and in the length, we can do it. 3M, so regardless of your production size, we can always provide you with a suitable feldspar strong magnetic iron removal magnetic separator.

     In order to provide better service for customers, we have set up a mineral processing laboratory to do magnetic separation tests for customers free of charge. According to the test process, we can tailor the most suitable magnetic separation equipment for customers. Our magnetic separation equipment can be used for the purification of magnetic separation of all kinds of iron ore and the removal of iron from all kinds of non-metallic minerals. We also make magnetic fields. Selection machine, belt conveyor, sand screening machine and other related products. Welcome to our company for inspection, experiment and equipment.


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