Several Magnetic Separation Methods For Kaolin And Titanium Removal By Kaolin Dry Magnetic Separation
May 11, 2018

The mineral processing method and process flow of kaolin are introduced.

Dispersion: in the process of wet selection of kaolin, the raw ore is first made into mud, so that the minerals are dissociated in the water with granular form, and the size of the particles is micrometer, even smaller. In order to separate the kaolinite minerals from impurities such as quartz, feldspar, mica, pyrite, ilmenite and so on, the clay particles must be divided into three grains of fine, medium and coarse. In order to make the dispersing effect better and sometimes the appropriate dispersing agent is added, the mineral particles in the pulp can be effectively graded and selected only when the mineral particles are fully dispersed.

Removal of sand: removal of sand mainly removes impurities such as quartz, feldspar, mica and other debris minerals and cuttings, and also removes some iron titanium minerals. Commonly used rake type floating trough classifier, spiral classifier, hydrocyclone and vibrating screen.

Classification: classification is to separate minerals by the difference between the size or density of mineral particles. If the mineral particle size of the mineral slurry is large, it is generally classified by screen mesh; if the mineral density is similar, it is selected according to its density difference. Commonly used classification equipment is water hammer, hydrocyclone, centrifuge and so on.

Magnetic separation: almost all the kaolin ores contain a small amount of iron minerals, mainly iron oxide, ilmenite, siderite, pyrite, mica, tourmaline and so on. These colored impurities are usually weakly magnetic, which means that magnetic impurities can be used to remove these harmful impurities. Magnetic separation is a method of separating mineral particles in a magnetic field by using the magnetic difference of minerals. It is more effective for removing high magnetic minerals such as magnetite and ilmenite or in the process of processing. The company specializes in degaussing equipment, including dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator and other magnetic separation equipment.

Flotation: the application of flotation to purify kaolin is very widely used. At present, the process and equipment are constantly improved and updated, making the kaolin concentrate higher in whiteness and meet the industrial needs. The company has a professional mineral flotation machine.

Bleaching: kaolin, used as pigment, filler and paint, directly affects its value by its brightness and brightness. The so-called bleaching is to use different means to increase the whiteness of kaolin. Specific methods include magnetic separation bleaching, flotation bleaching, chemical bleaching and so on.

Ultrafine grinding: in order to meet the high fineness of kaolin in papermaking, plastic and rubber products, it is necessary to increase the fineness of kaolin so as to improve the quality of the product. The ultrafine grinding technology mainly includes abrasive stripping, high pressure extrusion and air pulverization. The company has strong ultra-fine grinder, high-pressure air mill, Raymond mill.

Calcination: calcination is a special processing method to improve the properties of kaolin. The use of calcined kaolin in paper making industry can increase the scattering force and cover rate, and increase the ink absorption speed. For cable packing, electrical resistivity can be increased. In the synthesis of 4A zeolite, production of aluminum chloride and cryolite industry, calcination can increase the chemical activity of kaolin. The company has specialized industrial rotary kiln, dryer, cooling machine and so on.

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