Strong Magnetic Separator
Jul 21, 2018

     The magnetic field strength of the strong magnetic separator is up to 15000Gs, and it can be used to separate the weak magnetic minerals effectively. It is widely used in the separation of the weak magnetic minerals such as hematite, manganese ore and ilmenite, as well as the removal of iron and impurity such as feldspar and quartz.

     High intensity magnetic separator is divided into dry high-intensity magnetic separator and wet high-intensity magnetic separator. According to different ore dressing requirements, suitable magnetic separators are selected.

     The dry high strength magnetic separator is suitable for drought and less water, and can enrich the poor weak magnetic minerals under coarse grain conditions, and the wet magnetic separator is mostly used for the separation of finer minerals. The advantages of high strength magnetic separator are as follows:

1. High quality NdFeB is used in magnetic materials of magnetic system, with high magnetic energy product, strong coercive force and high magnetic flux density. The effective separation surface has strong magnetic induction intensity.

2. We use pure magnetic material, electrical magnetic medium, and multilayer induction pole design, with high gradient magnetic field. Magnetic separators are suitable for magnetic separation of fine and fine grained ores.

3. The magnetic separator has special unloading design, which ensures the continuous normal operation of the equipment. In the long term, a small amount of strong magnetic material is selected in the selected materials.

4. There is a large contact surface between the slurry and the effective working face, which effectively improves the capture probability of the weak magnetic ore.

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