Structure Of The Magnetic Separator
Jun 12, 2018

     The magnetic material of the magnetic separator determines the quality of the equipment. The magnetic separator is a machine that selects materials by means of magnetic force. The source of magnetic force is the magnetic system. The magnetic material is an important part of the magnetic separator equipment. It is the basis for determining the strength of the magnetic field. When we buy the equipment of the magnetic separator, the customer must combine their own materials to select the magnetic field strength, not the higher the better, suitable for their own materials is good. A good magnetic selection device must consider the magnetic structure and magnetic characteristics of the magnetic system in addition to the magnetic system material. The magnetic system material is only one aspect. Good magnetic system assembly technology and magnetic system placement structure are also crucial.

     The magnetic system material of the magnetic separator has ferrite and rare earth magnetic systems, neodymium ferroboron, etc. in the permanent magnetic industry. The magnetic system can be divided into open permanent magnetic systems and closed magnetic systems according to the magnetic pole assembly configuration. The open magnetic system is the adjacent configuration of the magnetic pole, and its magnetic field strength is not high. It is used in the weak magnetic field magnet. The magnetic poles of the closed magnetic system are relatively configured. This magnetic system produces a strong magnetic field. Therefore, the strong magnetic field magnetic separator adopts a closed magnetic system and selects weak magnetic minerals. According to the different assembly of the magnetic system, the magnetic separator can form a tube type magnetic separator, a band type magnetic separator, a ring magnetic separator, a flat plate magnetic separator, etc.. Among them, the tubular magnetic separator is a semi-magnetic magnetic system, which is mainly used to select strong magnetic minerals. The plate magnetic separator is more used in plane magnetic systems. Suitable for selection of weak magnetic minerals below 2 mm and non-metallic minerals such as quartz sand. .. .. .. The ring belt type magnetic separator is a high strength magnetic separator suitable for selecting weak magnetic materials for dry selection.Therefore, for different magnetic selection equipment, the selected materials and the magnetic materials used are different and the natural price is different, so we hope that the customer should not ask the price directly, first tell you about the material situation, and then listen to the technology of the magnetic selection equipment manufacturer, and when necessary, the manufacturer will let you mailing things. The material is reconfigured, which is well founded. It is also responsible for the customers.

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