Technology Of Magnetic Separation Beneficiation
Jun 15, 2018

     Magnetic separation is a beneficiation method which separate the magnetic separation of all kinds of minerals in the magnetic field of magnetic separators. When magnetic particles with different magnetic properties are passed through the magnetic field of magnetic separators, they must be affected by magnetic force and mechanical force. Because of the magnetic strength of strong magnetic particles and weak magnetic particles, the magnetic force is not used, so that different movement tracks are produced, and the mineral particles are selected to be divided into two or more separate ore dressing products according to their magnetic difference.


     Magnetic separation is widely used in the selection of ferrous ore, the selection of colored and rare metal ores, the recovery of the medium of heavy medium mineral processing, the removal of iron containing impurities from non-metallic mineral materials, the discharge of iron materials to protect the crusher and other equipment, the recycling of steel from the steel slag produced by the smelting production, and the production and domestic sewage. Remove pollutants.

     In recent years, because of the development of high field strength and high gradient magnetic separator, the application field of magnetic separation is still expanding, for example, to remove paramagnetic granular impurities in chemicals, drugs and so on.


     The so-called magnetic field refers to the space where magnetic forces exist. Magnetic field is one of the basic forms of material existence. It exists in the space around the magnet, the air around the moving charge, and the space around the current. The most common phenomenon in the magnetic field is the mutual attraction or mutual rejection of two magnetic objects, so the interaction between magnets is carried out through the magnetic field. The magnetic field also produces force for the energized conductor, indicating that the magnetic field has a strong property. When the energized conductor moves in the magnetic field, the magnetic force will work on the energized conductor, indicating that the magnetic field has energy. These manifestations illustrate the materiality of the magnetic field.

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