The Difference Between Dry Magnetic Separation And Wet Magnetic Separation Equipment
May 21, 2018

One, application of dry magnetic separator

The common dry magnetic separator: dry magnetic field magnetic separator (iron separator, magnetic pulley), dry magnetic field magnetic separator (including induction roller magnetic separator, dry magnetic disc type strong magnetic separator, dry roller strong magnetic separator).

(1) dry magnetic separator

1) iron remover

The iron remover is mainly used to remove inclusions of iron or iron from the material flow. There are two kinds of electromagnetic and permanent magnets. There are two kinds of fixed suspension type and belt type suspension.

3) cylinder type magnetic separator

For dry selection of fine grained ferromagnetic ores, it is also suitable for removing magnetic impurities and purifying magnetic materials from powdery materials. The right picture shows the structure of the CTG type magnetic separator.

(two) dry strong magnetic separator

The earliest industrial magnetic separators for separating weak magnetic minerals are dry type. They are widely used in the separation of manganese ore, oxidation or semi iron oxide ore, seashore placer, wolframite, tin ore and phosphate rock. The dry high intensity magnetic separator is divided into four types according to its structure: induction roller, disc type, drum type and permanent magnet roller type.

1) induction roller type magnetic separator

It is composed of electromagnetic system, separation system and transmission system. In order to reduce the heat of eddy current and drive power, magnetic roller is stacked alternately with thin magnetic strip and nonmagnetic wafer.


Reclaiming Ilmenite from seashore placer; obtaining high quality raw materials and raw materials for cement industry; purification of minerals such as feldspar and andalusite; separation of chromite, monazite, wolframite, iron ore and other minerals.

2) dry magnetic disc type strong magnetic separator

It is suitable for the separation of weak magnetic ore with a magnetic coefficient of more than 5 x 10-7m3/kg and a particle size less than 2 mm, and is mostly used in the selection of coarse concentrate containing rare metal minerals (such as coarse tungsten concentrate, ilmenite, zircon and monazite).

3) dry roller strong magnetic separator


It is composed of ore feeding hopper, weak magnetic feeding tube, induction ore unloading roller, magnetic roller and ore hopper. The two magnetic rollers are configured to form a closed magnetic circuit. Two the magnetic roller is driven by worm gear deceleration mechanism and is relatively rotated, and the clearance is changed by the polar distance adjusting mechanism. The induction ore unloading roller is made of industrial pure iron, and the surface is machined into prismatic protuberance.

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