The Effect Of Magnetic Separation Of Quartz Sand
May 09, 2018

(1) the effect of quartz sand filtration

Quartz sand filter is a pressure filter, using the refined quartz sand filter filled in the filter. When the water flows from top to bottom through the filter layer, the suspended particles and the gelatin particles in the water are removed, thus the turbidity of the water is reduced.

(2) main characteristics of quartz sand filter

The quartz sand filter has the characteristics of simple structure, automatic control, large flow rate, few recoil times, high filtration efficiency, low resistance and convenient operation and maintenance.

This product can be divided into manual and automatic. The manual type is mainly controlled by the valve to control the running, washing and backwashing of the filter, and the automatic type is controlled by the automatic head to run the filter, the positive washing and the reverse washing. The material of the tank can be divided into the glass steel tank, the carbon steel tank and the stainless steel tank, and it can also be made according to the requirements of the user.

(3) the principle of filtration of quartz sand

Quartz sand filter is based on one or several filtration media, operating at room temperature, acid and alkali, and oxidation. The PH application range is 2-13. The system is equipped with a perfect protection device and monitoring instrument, and has the function of backwashing. The dirt and other pollutants are quickly washed away, and the water consumption is less. The automatic function can be set according to the requirements of the user. Under certain pressure, the raw liquor can be flocculated, adsorbed and withdrawn through the medium to remove impurities so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. The fillers are generally made of quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics and manganese sand. Users can choose to use them according to the actual situation. Its filtration accuracy is between 0. 500 and 0. 1 m. It can effectively remove colloidal particles and polymer organic compounds.

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