The Elimination Method Of Magnetic Separator For Strong Magnetic Magnetic Separator
Jul 24, 2018

The application of strong magnetic iron remover is more extensive. Because of the more common use of the internal parts, the internal parts need regular replacement and maintenance, and the excitation coils are very easy to burn. Some parts will also have some faults without damage, such as no magnetic failure. The Qingdao shot blasting machine face introduces the strong magnetic field for everyone. The removal of magnetic force in the iron separator is:

When using the power supply to the strong magnetic iron remover, the workpiece can not be sucked up, because the relay interlocking, so the grinding wheel motor can not start normally, so it can be judged that there is no magnetic fault in the strong magnetic iron remover. At this time, we need to open the distribution box of the CNC machine tool and use the hook type shot blasting machine. The electric pen is tested at both ends of the fuse, and then uses the 500 volt measuring gear of the multimeter to measure whether the voltage is 380 volts. Then disconnect the total power switch and check whether the AC contactor has mechanical card death. The American Red Maple then extracts the coil and wire of the contactor. Resistance, if the needle indicates that the coil is normal.

When we cut off the total switch, we use the resistance gear of the multimeter to measure the four diode, and observe whether the diode has a problem. If the diode is found to be penetrated, then the new diode is replaced and the welding is strong. After testing, the strong magnetic iron remover can be used normally.

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