The Fascinating Advantages Of The Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator
Jul 13, 2018

     The vertical ring magnetic separator is the representative of high quality and strong magnetic equipment. It has attracted much attention in many mineral processing plants. It has many advantages, wide range of uses, and can quickly separate many difficult minerals. Today, let's take a look at the striking advantages of the vertical ring magnetic separator.

     The vertical ring magnetic separator has high performance price ratio, 2 times the efficiency of ordinary magnetic separator, and its service life is greatly extended.

     In addition, it improves the problem of clogging of coarse particles, the tailings are changed from regulating valve to regulating plate, and the middle of the adjustment plate is round hole, and the suitable tailings diameter can be selected according to the quantity of mine slurry. The magnetic material content of the tailings after magnetic separation is low. This device can determine the appropriate magnetic field strength according to the properties of the ore, improve the structure of the tank, increase the adjusting device of the overflow and tailings, and increase the buoyancy of the magnetic material, so as to improve the quality of the concentrate.

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