The Grinding Process Of Permanent Magnet Hoist
Jul 24, 2018

Under the action of a certain temperature, the tool data of the permanent magnet iron remover acts with the surrounding medium (such as oxygen in the air, the sulfur and chlorine in the cutting fluid), and forms a compound with low hardness on the surface of the cutting tool, which is easily rubbed off by the chip and the workpiece to form the tool data lost, and the resulting tool wear is called chemical wear. Qingdao The wear of the permanent magnet suction hoist of shot blasting machine is mainly under the condition of higher cutting speed.

(1) when the new cutting tool has just been put into use during the early wear of the permanent magnet hoist, the actual contact area of the cutter surface and the workpiece is very small. The positive pressure on the unit area is larger, and the micro convex and concave surface of the knife surface after the rigid blade grinding is uneven, and the tool wear speed is very fast. This period is called the cutter's early wear period. The hook type shot blasting machine is called. In the future, if the grinding tool of permanent magnet suction hoist is used for grinding, the abrasive wear of fine-grained abrasive oil can be obviously reduced.

(2) after the normal wear and tear of the permanent magnetic hoist, the touch area of the cutter surface and the workpiece is increased, the pressure of the surface and the upper part of the cutter is gradually reduced, the micro rough surface of the cutter surface has been smooth and the wear speed is slow, which is called the normal wear of the knife tool during this period. The American Red Maple permanent magnet suction hoist is a knife. During a useful period of work.

(3) when the tool wear is increased to a certain limit during the sharp wear of permanent permanent magnetic hoist, the cutting force and cutting temperature of the iron tool will increase sharply, the cutting speed of the cutter is accelerated until the cutting ability is lost. This period is called the sharp wear period. The cutting tool is kept as a small loss during the sharp wear loss of the permanent magnetic hoist. Things can not only ensure the quality of the machining, but also accelerate the cost of cutting tools, such as the condition of the breakup of the blade, such as the permanent magnetic hoist tool must be replaced before the sharp wear.

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