The Method Of Removing Iron From Quartz Sand
May 11, 2018

Quartz is a non-metallic mineral with iron elements, and the industrial quartz sand needs to be removed to use. How to remove iron impurities, then the following three kinds of quartz sand removal methods are introduced.

The method of removing iron from quartz sand is iron removal, iron removal by acid pickling and iron removal by ultrasonic.

Magnetic separation iron removal: iron removal:

Magnetic separation can be divided into wet iron removal and dry iron removal. Each of the two methods of magnetic separation has its own characteristics. Wan jiad is a professional magnetic separator for iron remover

Ultrasonic quartz sand removal of iron:

Ultrasonic iron removal is a new method of removing iron. Its main function is to remove the secondary iron film formed on the surface of quartz sand.

Acid washing quartz sand removal of iron:

Use acid pickling acid, usually sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. The common complex oxalic acid and acetic acid are mainly quartz, and there is a good removal of metal mineral impurities in these acids. Removal of various acids from Pe and A1 is obvious, but removal of Ti and Cr is mainly concentrated with concentrated sulfuric acid, aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid. The main factors affecting acid treatment, such as acid concentration, temperature, time and washing process, are affected.

Each method of removing iron has its function emphasis. There are many ways to remove iron, and users only need to choose their own suitable ones. The density of quartz sand is 2.65 and 2. is true density = equivalent to the true density of SiO2 crystal structure.

1.6 the sand with accumulated density = a certain number of eyes is stacked up and there are gaps in the middle. The weight of this heap of sand is divided by the bulk of the pile.

Throw the sand into the measuring cylinder with water and see how much the volume changes. The volume of sand is divided by volume, which is the true density. The density of accumulation is not water, the density of quartz sand, the density of quartz sand, the proportion of quartz sand, and the purity of quartz sand in various places (but the influence of purity is very small), the size of quartz sand can also affect the density, density and specific gravity of quartz sand. It is generally considered to be stacked between 1.6-1.7.

The calculation of the density and density of quartz sand can effectively discriminate the products suitable for you. If you have the demand for quartz sand and quartz sand filter material, we can consult us at any time. We will provide you with products and services.

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