The Operation And Development Of Magnetic Separator
Jun 16, 2018

     The technological innovation of the magnetic separator is an eternal process, and any thing that is stagnant in the current situation will inevitably lead to its destruction.This time, the experts of WanJiaDe  technology introduce the magnetic separator for you again. The magnetic separator, which is mainly used to remove the miscellaneous material, requires a continuous breakthrough in technology because of its complexity.

     China's first low-temperature superconducting magnetic separator was successfully offline, which marked that the relevant gaps in the field of low-temperature superconducting were successfully filled, breaking the embarrassing situation of long-term dependence on imports from the United States, and opening a new chapter for the application of low-temperature superconducting technology in China's magnetic field. What are its technical advantages for a geothermal superconducting magnet? WanJiaDe technology will give you a brief introduction.

     With regard to its new type of magnetic separator, it mainly has the following characteristics. Its central magnetic field is 30,000 Gauss, and it has been successfully developed after nearly two years of research and development. The central magnetic field is strong 3 tesila and the storage energy is 3.4 MJ. It produces a powerful magnetic field needed to remove ferromagnetic impurities in raw materials such as coal, with the advantage that the coil conductor has no resistance in the superconducting state(-269 °C). In addition, it also has high magnetic field strength and magnetic field gradient. Large, Strong iron absorption, light weight, low energy consumption, running energy conservation and environmental protection and other common electromagnetic magnetic separator incomparable advantages

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