The Price Of The Magnetic Separator
Jun 09, 2018

     The choice of magnetic separator is usually the most concerned about the price of the magnetic separator. In fact, choosing a suitable magnetic separator is the most important. If only the magnetic separator is chosen to choose the magnetic separator which is not suitable for the selection of the magnetic separator, the loss is not the money of a magnetic separator, and the loss will be very short with the continuous production of low index mineral processing. The time difference between the equipment and the long-term use of equipment will bring more and more invisible losses. So it is very important to choose a suitable magnetic separator.

     Magnetic separator is a kind of equipment which is widely used in many modern industries. With the rapid development of modern industry, ordinary resources can not meet the needs of the times. The demand for it is getting higher and higher. It needs to be purified and improved by magnetic separator, and has reached the demand of the industry.


     A magnetic separator is a magnetic separation device that separators by different magnetic differences in different minerals. When minerals pass through the working magnetic field of the magnetic separator, the magnetic minerals are easily absorbed by the equipment. The non magnetic minerals will not be absorbed, and the magnetic minerals that are sucked are different from those of the minerals that are not absorbed. So that it separates it.

     The magnetic system of Foshan WanJiaDe's magnetic separator is designed with permanent magnetic magnetic system, high quality NdFeB material and other high quality ferrite magnetic materials, combined with advanced magnetic field design. It has the advantages of strong coercivity, strong magnetic induction and hard magnetic demagnetization. Our company has specialized laboratories to select suitable magnetic separators according to the different magnetic properties of different minerals. Welcome to our company to do experiments.

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