The Role Of Magnetic Separator In Ceramic Industry
May 10, 2018

Magnetic separator is a powerful equipment to remove iron impurities. It plays an important role in mining, coal, ceramics and power plants. WJD to share with you the role of magnetic separator in ceramic industry.

Electromagnetic magnetic separator is a kind of DC electromagnet in essence, its excitation coil produces strong magnetic field in the process of electrifying, so that the iron impurities in nonmagnetic materials are sucked up and removed. The permanent magnet iron remover is a magnetic source composed of high coercive force and high remanence magnetic material NdFeB and ferrite. It produces a powerful magnetic field, which is used to absorb ferromagnetic impurities, and the whole machine is not electricity and energy consumption.

Magnetic separator equipment is widely used in ceramic industry to remove iron impurities and iron powder in raw materials, so as to protect crushing equipment and improve the quality level of raw materials. In brick and tile factory, it is mostly used for removing iron from crusher, roller mill and brick making machine. With the popularization of the comprehensive quality management system in the ceramic industry and the continuous improvement of the requirements of the ceramic production technology and the quality of the links, the technical modification of ball milling has become a major technological process in the ball mill workshop of the ceramic industry. In order to improve the mill output value and the fineness of the material, the crushing system must be reformed and the broken pieces of the high fine crusher are used. The size of the material is generally below 10 millimeters. Such fine material is broken. Once it is mixed with the iron material such as chain, wrench, bolt and iron, it will cause serious damage to the crusher, and the hammer head, the lining plate and the sieve bar are broken, and the main parts of the crusher's axis and bearing will be seriously endangered.

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