The Safe Operation Process Of Magnetic Separator
Jul 13, 2018

1. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there are any debris in the tank, whether the screws in each part are loose, whether the bearings at both ends of the cylinder and the reducer have sufficient lubricating oil, whether the rotation of the cylinder is flexible, and whether there is abnormal sound;

2. Pay attention to the connection between the upper and lower processes. After receiving the start-up notification, contact with the next process and confirm and restart.

3. Start up, feed water, and then mine. According to the concentration of the slurry, adjust the control to the ore water and blow off the water. Under the premise of ensuring the unloading, the ore water should be added as little as possible;

4. Pay attention to the operation sound of the equipment and the temperature of the motor during operation. If there is noise in the tank or in the cylinder, please ask the monitor and stop the machine.

5. According to the discharge situation of the concentrate, accurately adjust the magnetic pump deflection angle;

6. When stopping, stop the mine first, rinse the tank with water, then stop, after shutdown, close all water valves.

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