The Strong Magnetic Magnetic Separator
Jun 02, 2018

     The strong magnetic magnetic separator is mainly used to preselect some weakly magnetic minerals or the primary selection. The amount of the dry selection equipment with the same specifications is larger than that of the water selection equipment. The following is the main introduction of the relevant knowledge of the dry selection equipment.

     When the customers are purchasing equipment, they usually pay attention to the price of the equipment first. For our equipment manufacturers, we first understand the needs of the users, choose other minerals, what size the user wants, and how strong the magnetic field strength is. Why do we need to ask other materials? The type and power of the magnetic separator are different. The type and hardness of the material need to correspond to the exclusive type of power equipment. The scale size  and magnetic field strength of the customer are asked to refer to the size of the magnetic separator, and the strength of the magnetic field refers to the magnetic attraction of the magnetic system in the magnetic cylinder, which is the decisive factor in determining the whole magnetic separator.

     The magnetic field strength of the dry selection equipment is generally higher, and the magnetic distance is generally larger. This is significantly different from the low magnetic field separator in the wet type. Relatively speaking, the use range of low magnetic field separators in dry types is relatively narrow, but with the increase in the development and utilization of poor magnetite, in order to save grinding costs, the grinding products are enriched. Some mine selection plants began to use dry magnetic separation to further divide the dissociation of gangue minerals after fine crushing. Therefore, the low-magnetic field magnetic separator in the dry type developed rapidly, but no more special models appeared.

     Strong magnetic separator manufacturers have been established for many years, relying on excellent product quality and complete after-sales service won the GFA customers' unanimous approval. The product is the foundation, the quality is the key. Having high quality products is the basic guarantee for the enterprise to be based on the market. Our company has professional talents and high quality sales team, which is a good brand of high-strength magnetic magnetic separator. According to the requirements of each customer and years of production experience, we will do our best to tailor the magnetic products suitable for the customers in need.


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