The Working Process Of Magnetic Separator
Jul 09, 2018

     The magnetic separator with perfect process has high efficiency, high user experience and good effect. The flat type magnetic separator of the permanent base magnetoelectric production has a simple flow process, which is fast and efficient without carton. It has high efficiency, convenient operation and long service life.

     The magnetic separator is divided into 4 steps, feeding, screening, magnetic separation and tailings. After many experiments and use, the client and friend have shown that the equipment has a good performance in work efficiency, magnetic field strength and performance.

1. Feed. The material, grain, wood, slurry and other materials are put into the hopper in accordance with the requirements of the work, or the belt conveyer supporting the plate type magnetic separator should be paid attention to the thickness.

2. Sieving. First, the larger particles or debris in the material are screened out. The plate type magnetic separator is divided into two types: vibration screening and rolling screening. Vibration screening is suitable for larger materials, and rolling screening is suitable for homogeneous materials.

3. Magnetic separation. The magnetic material is absorbed by the magnetic plate of the plate type magnetic separator, and the magnetic material is stored in a special position through the rotation of the machine.

4. The tailings. This is the last step of the work of the plate type magnetic separator. The non magnetic material is discharged into a special tailings. The magnetic field of the plate type magnetic separator is strong, so the quality of the tailings is low, so that the purpose of saving resources is achieved.

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