Type parameter analysis of magnetic separator
Mar 02, 2018

Type of magnetic separator

1. The magnetic separator can be divided into dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator for different materials;

2. Magnetic separators can be divided into permanent magnet magnetic separator and electromagnetic separator.

3. It can be divided into strong magnetic separator, medium magnetic separator and weak magnetic separator for the size of magnetic field;

4. According to the different ways of working with minerals, it can be divided into upper feeder magnetic separator and lower feeder magnetic separator;

5. The shape structure of the magnetic separator can be divided into drum type magnetic separator, roller type magnetic separator, ring type magnetic separator and roller type magnetic separator.

Model analysis of magnetic separator

Because of the different types of magnetic separators, the parameters of the machines produced by different manufacturers are different.

The larger model is CTB1530, the tube length is 1500*3000mm, the material size is 3-0mm, the processing capacity is 170-280t/h, the smaller model is CTB6012, the diameter of the tube is 600*1200mm, the feeding particle size is 2-0/mm, and the processing capacity is 10-20t/h.The most commonly used models in industrial production are CTB1018, CTB1021 and CTB1024.They have a diameter of 1050*1800mm, 1050*2100mm, 1050*2400mm, and the material granularity is 3-0/mm, and the processing capacity is 50-75t/h, 50-100t/h, 60-120t/h.

Specific parameters are as follows:


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