Type Classification Of Magnetic Separator
Jun 05, 2018

     There are many types of magnetic separators, and there are many ways to classify them. It is usually classified according to the above characteristics.

1. Classification of magnetic field strength based on magnetic separator

A. The magnetic field strength of the magnetic pole surface of the weak magnetic field magnet is 80-120 kA/m, and the magnetic field force is(3-6) × 10 kA/m, which is used to select magnetic ores respectively.

B. The magnetic field strength of the magnetic pole of the strong magnetic field magnet is 800-1600 kA/m, and the magnetic field force is(3-12) × 10 kA/m. Used to select weak magnetic ore.

2. Dry and wet magnetic separator

A. The dry magnetic separator selects the points in the air and is mainly used to select large blocks of powder. Coarse-grained strong magnetic ore and fine-grained weak magnetic ore(such as magnetic pulley) are sometimes used to select fine-grained strong magnetic ore.

B. Wet magnetic separators are selected in water or magnetic fluids and are mainly used for the selection of fine-grained strong magnetic ore(such as circular magnetic separators) and fine-grained weak magnetic ore.

3.Classification according to magnetic field type of magnetic separator

A. Permanent magnets and direct current magnetite, spiral coil, magnetic field strength and direction for the magnetic source of the constant magnetic field magnetic separator do not change with time. Currently, the main application is the constant magnetic field separator.

B. Permanent magnet with alternating polarity for the magnetic source of the rotating magnetic field magnet, which rotates rapidly around the axis. The size and direction of the magnetic field strength change over time.

C. alternating magnetic field magnetic separator magnetic source uses alternating current electromagnet, the magnitude and direction of magnetic field intensity change with time.

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