Vertical Ring Pulse High Gradient Magnetic Separator
Jun 09, 2018

     High-gradient magnetic separation equipment has emerged as early as the 1960s, and a large magnetic force has been obtained through the high magnetic field gradient generated by the magnetic medium, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting and recovering weakly magnetic and fine-grained paramagnetic minerals. The main equipment for selecting fine magnetic materials.

     The high gradient magnetic separation equipment can be divided into 3 types: the inclined ring type, the flat ring type and the vertical ring type according to the sorting ring configuration. The inclined ring type is still in the laboratory research stage, and the flat ring type and vertical ring type have been applied in industry. The magnetic medium is very easy to block because of the same direction of ore feeding and discharge in the flat ring high gradient magnetic separator. Although there still exists the problem of mechanical inclusion in the magnetic medium, the vertical ring type high gradient magnetic separator has been improved on the basis of the flat ring type. So the high gradient magnetic separator of the vertical ring pulsating high gradient is high gradient, so the high gradient magnetic separator of the vertical ring is high gradient. The main development direction of magnetic separator.



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