Washing Kaolin For Paint
Jun 30, 2018

     Kaolin is widely used in latex paints, powder coatings and cathodes, anodic electrophoretic paints and  other fields. The product is refined by calcining and grading technology. Its advantages are good suspension, easy dispersing, strong covering power, high whiteness and pure color. Because of its good covering power in latex paint, the product can reduce the consumption of expensive titanium dioxide, and have good anti precipitation effect. At the same time, it is also a good inorganic thickener. It can reduce the amount of related additives and greatly reduce the cost of coating. It has good compatibility with other pigments, fillers and auxiliaries in paint. It is easy to disperse and the residue is small. It is more suitable for production operation. 

performance characteristics:

 fine particle size, reasonable distribution, 325 mesh sieve residue is very low, high whiteness, good light scattering performance, strong covering power, in a variety of systems, good dispersion, good suspension, fluidity, not with any other auxiliaries, solvents reaction. It can partly replace the expensive titanium dioxide, improve the scrubbing resistance, wear resistance and weatherability of the coatings, and have excellent anti settlement effect and improve the storage stability of the coatings. 


various types of coatings, including latex paints, powder coatings, oil-based coatings and other fields.

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