The specific classification and main role of dry magnetic separator
Mar 27, 2018

There are two types of dry magnetic separation equipment commonly used in mineral processing industry. They are: dry weak magnetic field magnetic separator (iron separator, magnetic pulley), dry magnetic field magnetic separator (including induction roller magnetic separator, dry type Roller type magnetic separator).

  1. Dry type weak magnetic separator

    (1) Iron remover: It is mainly used to clean iron or iron filings in the material stream. There are two kinds of electromagnetic and permanent magnets. There are two types of fixed suspension and belt suspension.

    (2) Magnetic pulley: It is mainly used for the pre-selection of ferromagnetic ore. The function of this machine is to sort the surrounding rock mixed into the ore and reduce the depletion of the original ore, which is generally used after the raw ore is broken and finally The main role of the broken product in the sorting prior to grinding is to get rid of the useless waste rock, improve the grade of ore entering the grinding machine, increase the grinding efficiency, and reduce the grinding capacity of the grinding machine, thereby reducing the grinding cost.

    (3) Cylindrical magnetic separator: It is mainly used for dry separation of fine-grained ferromagnetic ores, and is also suitable for removing magnetic impurities from powder materials and purifying magnetic materials.

    2. Dry type magnetic separator: Dry magnetic separator is the earliest equipment for sorting weak magnetic minerals. It is widely used for sorting manganese ore, oxidized or semi-oxidized iron ore, wolframite and so on. According to the structural characteristics, the dry magnetic separator can be divided into four types: induction roller, disc, drum, and permanent magnet roller.

    (1) Induction Roller Magnetic Separator: It is composed of three parts: electromagnetic system, sorting system and transmission system. The magnetic roller of this machine adopts thin magnetic steel plates and non-magnetic steel plates alternately stacked to reduce eddy currents. Heat and transmission power. The machine is mainly used for the recovery of ilmenite from seashore placer, the purification of minerals such as feldspar and andalusite, and the sorting of minerals such as chromite, monazite and scheelite.

    (2) Dry magnetic disc type magnetic separator: This machine is mainly used for sorting weak magnetic ore with magnetic susceptibility greater than 5.0×10-7m3/kg and particle size less than 2mm; it is mainly used for containing rare metals. Mineral concentrate concentrates, etc.

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