Weak Magnetic Magnetic Separator
Jul 21, 2018

     According to your different mineral processing requirements, the weak magnetic separator can choose two kinds of dry and wet type. Dry magnetic separator is widely used in modern industry. It does not need water intervention, does not cause pollution, and has significant effect on poor and arid areas.

Advantages of weak magnetic magnetic separator

1. The design of multi pole and small magnetic pole spacing can increase the reversal of strong magnetic particles in the process of effective separation and avoid obstruction.

2. The magnetic induction intensity is optimized, and the magnetic induction intensity can be reduced on the surface of the magnetic drum and away from the magnetic system, so as to reduce the weight of the whole machine.

3. The rotational speed of the magnetic drum has a large adjustable range. The magnetic induction intensity can be achieved according to the magnetic separation requirements of different materials to achieve the best magnetic separation effect.

4. In addition to the inner cylinder skin, you can also choose a kind of outer skin that is easy to repair and change, so as to avoid wear to the inner cylinder skin and increase the service life of the machine.

5. The magnetic bag angle is larger than 180 corners, which can increase the separation area and significantly improve the recovery rate.

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