Wet Benefication Technology
Jul 02, 2018

     Wet process includes three stages of ore preparation, beneficiation processing and product processing. The preparation phase includes operations such as batching, crushing, and mashing. The mash is to mix the kaolin ore with water and dispersant in the pulverizer. The mashing operation can disperse the ore. Prepare the appropriate fine kaolin slurry for the sorting operation, and remove the large sand at the same time. The beneficiation stage may include hydraulic grading, flotation, selective flocculation, magnetic separation, and chemical treatment (bleaching) to remove different impurities. The prepared slurry is firstly removed by a sputum washing tank, a float classifier or a cyclone, and then divided into two parts by a continuous centrifuge, a hydrocyclone, a hydraulic sorter or a vibrating fine screen (325 mesh). Two grades of thickness.

     The fine classifier of the classifier feeds HGMS (High Gradient Magnetic Separator) to remove iron and titanium impurities, and the product is subjected to iron oxide leaching after stirring and scrubbing. The clay is sufficiently high in brightness and has good coating performance without magnetic separation and Peel and send directly to the leaching operation. After leaching, alum is added to the pulp to agglomerate clay minerals and facilitate dewatering. The bleached clay is dewatered using a high speed centrifuge, a rotary vacuum filter or a filter press. Filter or filter press dehydration. The filter cake was redispersed into 55% to 65% solids pulp and spray-dried to make a dry product. Some of the dry product was mixed into the dispersed slurry to make 70% solids and shipped to the paper mill.

     Unselected end-products have low brightness, and high-brightness clay products can only be obtained if magnetic separations, froth flotation, or selective flocculation are used in the process. However, these independent operations all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the industry usually adopts a joint process of two or three of these processes in order to make comprehensive use of clay resources.

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