What Are The Common Failures Of The Permanent Magnet Drum Iron Remover
Apr 09, 2018

Common troubleshooting methods for permanent magnet drum iron remover:

Before driving the circuit, the transmission device should be checked to confirm that the normal device can be driven.

The pulp is first added to the water.

In order to maintain good magnetic separation effect, we should pay attention to the following points: (1) maintain good lubrication.

Check the cylinder on the surface of the surface to treat the end time of loose and broken. When repair, the cylindrical surface of the fracture head and the rubber belt surface is cleaned with sand paper, and then the glue is glued.

The timely removal of iron, head like pulp of things, so as not to wear leather drum.

Permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator can be equipped with three channels, half reverse flow channel (CTB), downstream channel (CTS) and reverse flow channel (CTN), to meet different selection requirements.

If wear is serious, the cylinder drum surface will wear out, but once it is worn, it will enter the magnetic roller, and the surface of the magnetic roller will be adsorbed on the magnetic system, which will cause the cylinder and magnetic system to be locked, or the pulp enters the bearing to cause the bearing damage, but the whole machine damage can not be worked normally.

Because of the intensity of work, there will inevitably be some failures in the operation process, and the drop of magnetic blocks is also one of them.

How to deal with the drop of the magnetic separator?

Next, in addition to the iron manufacturer WJD Tech for you to answer: 1, magnetic block closure phenomenon: when the magnetic separator is divided into a magnetic separator, the light will break the barrel, heavy cylinder or cylinder body epidermis, this phenomenon should stop the obstacle immediately.

In order to prevent the magnetic block off again, we can use thin Cu in the process of maintenance, maintenance of magnetic field.

The magnetic separator in operation is abnormal. Even if the cylinder can't rotate, the bottom box will vibrate.

The cause of the failure: the bottom blowpipe at the bottom of the half counter tank is sometimes blocked by calcium, causing sand pipes to clog or plugging the work gap, sometimes blocking the pipe, but there are some sundries in the working gap in order to prevent the working gap.

The tailing grade rose abruptly and kept high.

Solution: notify machine repair class, stop welding groove mill.

Failure causes: first, lubrication is bad or serious wear, bearing, B, fan leaf drop or wear, C, bad contact or broken line single-phase operation, D, low voltage.

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