What Are The Operation Control Methods Of The Magnetic Separator
Jul 03, 2018

     There are two kinds of existing operation control modes of the magnetic separator: one is to select the on-site manual control mode, and the other is the remote control mode of the central control room startup process. Under normal working conditions, the operation of the magnetic separator is placed in the automatic control mode. Its operation control method is:

Magnetic separator start control

     The start of the magnetic separator starts with the belt conveyor where it is located, the belt conveyor starts, and a pair of normally open contacts on the closing relay in the high voltage control cabinet is turned on, and the magnetic separator is started to run by the running command.

Magnetic separator stop control

    The belt conveyor where the magnetic separator is located stops, the joint relay on the belt machine control cabinet loses power, and the normally open contact is disconnected; the magnetic separator sets the delay stop function, and the delay is 10 min after the combined relay loses power, the magnetic separator Stop running.

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