What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Selecting Iron Separators? Don't You Really Do Not Know
Apr 08, 2018

The separators are divided into permanent magnet separators and electromagnetic separators. They are generally used in conjunction with belt conveyors or feeders, and are sometimes used in connection with pipelines. How to select the best iron removal equipment according to different materials and different production environments is also a problem for everyone to consult more. Today we will focus on the selection methods used with belt conveyors.

What should I pay attention to when choosing iron remover? The following points should not be ignored:


The user must first consider the width, speed, and inclination of the conveyor belt, the nature of the material, the humidity, the grain size, the thickness, the amount of iron in the material, and the grain size and properties of the ferromagnetic material. Iron requirements, use environment (temperature, humidity, dust, and corrosiveness, etc.), characteristics of the iron separator itself, installation location, space, etc.


When the amount of iron in the material is large, a continuous automatic iron removal unloading electromagnetic electromagnetic separator (such as RCDC, RCDD, RCDF series on the market) and a self-dumping type permanent magnet separator (such as RCYC, RCYD series) should be used. Permanent magnet drum (such as RCT series), electromagnetic drum (such as CFDL series).


When the amount of iron in the material is small, permanent magnet separators (such as RCYB series on the market) and electromagnetic separators (such as RCDA, RCDB, RCDE, and CF series) should be selected.


When the amount of ferromagnetic material in the material is particularly low, the use of metal detectors and strong magnetic self-dumping electricity, permanent magnet iron remover supporting the use of automatic monitoring to achieve automatic iron removal, with energy saving, long life, good removal of iron and other characteristics .


When using suspended electric and permanent magnetic separators, if the material is too thick, it can be used together with non-magnetic rollers to increase the net removal rate, and the suspension height can also be properly reduced to achieve the ideal iron removal effect.


When the use of the environment (such as dust, dust, dust) is more serious, should use the electromagnetic structure of the entire seal structure, permanent magnet remover.


When the material contains non-magnetic metal materials that can not be adsorbed by the iron remover, metal detectors should be used to detect metal objects, and after the automatic shutdown alarm, the iron can be removed manually.


When the user does not use the conveyor belt and use chutes, pipes, chain machines, hoists and other equipment to transport materials, should use pipeline-type permanent magnetic separator.


For the occasion with high iron removal requirements, such as the required suspension height is greater than the rated suspension height, or the material thickness is greater than the rated thickness, should use more than this specification of iron remover or use multi-level iron removal.

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