What Is The Plan For Developing New Cone Crusher?
Jan 19, 2018

The 1th kind of plan is unifies the domestic production cone crusher actual situation, will the HP Cone Crusher uses the hydraulic motor to drive the adjustment ring the method to use the hydraulic cylinder to promote adjusts the ring to rotate, and uses the high-energy lamination crushing principle, thus guaranteed the new cone crusher performance superiority.

The 2nd option is to retain the superior performance of the HP Cone Crusher and remove all the disadvantages of its complex structure. That is to continue to use high-energy laminated crushing principle, so as to ensure the advantages of the new cone crusher performance. Secondly, the structure of the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is the simplest, so the top hydraulic support device should be used, that is, the top single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. In this way, the top cylinder is realized to adjust the size and overload protection of the discharging port, instead of the multi cylinder and hydraulic motor plus adjustment ring part, remove the original crusher internal spherical bearings and stabilizing mechanism, make the crusher structure greatly simplified, reduce the manufacturing process, reduce the machine weight, reduce the manufacturing costs, easy maintenance and so on.

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