How much is the automatic iron removal machine for water cooled electromagnetic slurry
Mar 03, 2018

The water-cooled electromagnetic slurry automatic iron removal machine is a new high-intensity magnetic and magnetic separator. It circulates the deionized water in the hollow copper tube through the circulating pump, and takes away the heat generated by the electrified copper tube.

This special structure based on electromagnetic water slurry automatic iron removing machine has the following advantages: high magnetic induction intensity; small inherent temperature rise, long-term operation of the magnetic induction intensity is not easy to decay; long working period; the ore ore particle size, concentration and wide adaptability, high separation efficiency; easy operation and maintenance. There are many kinds and models of water-cooled electromagnetic slurry automatic iron removal machine on the market, so Xiaobian introduces how much money a water cooled electromagnetic slurry automatic iron removing machine needs, and provides a reference for users to purchase.

Price Parameters Of Water-Cooled Electric Separator

Price Parameters Of Water-Cooled Electric Separator

We need to understand its basic capabilities to ensure that we can meet our own needs.Here, we introduce the basic parameters of the automatic iron removal machine for water cooled electromagnetic pulp.

Model no. : 1000;

Use: slurry removal iron;

Processing power: 80-200 (m3/h)

Motor model: water pump;

Dimensions: 2710*2410*3500 (mm)

Weight: 35 (t)

Due to its high efficiency and high processing capacity, it is the ideal equipment for all kinds of large scale railway plants.

What Is The Price Of Water-Cooling Electric Separator

The price influence factors of automatic iron removal machine for water cooled electromagnetic pulp

The price of automatic iron removal machine is low, which is mainly affected by the following factors.

  1. Equipment performance.The performance of the automatic iron removal machine is the fundamental reason of the price.For users, excellent performance, stable operation, low fault rate, short downtime time, high production efficiency and production quality of the finished product, low energy consumption, environmental protection effect is good, use long time machines are the ideal object, not only can help them faster to complete the homework, also can create higher economic benefits for them.This kind of high performance equipment is the target that each mineral processing enterprise strives for, the market is in short supply, the price is also high.

  2. The manufacturers are different.

  3. Different manufacturers adopt different techniques, materials and labor costs, and the prices are different.

  4. Regional differences.

  5. Different parts of the factory production of water-cooled electromagnetic slurry iron removal machine is not the same price, because of different region's level of economic development, people's consumption level is different also, if the manufacturer of the regional economy developed, equipment will respond to higher prices, if the manufacturer is in low level of consumption areas, relatively speaking, the price of the equipment will be lower

  6. Sales are different.Different from the traditional "manufacturers, agents, and user sales form, in the era of" Internet + ", many magnetic separation vendors would have adopted the way of online sales, in general, online sales can save a lot of transportation cost, artificial cost and building cost and other overhead, let water electromagnetic paste automatic iron machine's price is more favorable

    What is the price of water-cooling Electric separator

    Known from the analysis of the above, although the water on the market the electromagnetic paste automatic iron model number, but due to different manufacturers, different performance, coupled with differences in geographic and sales form, its price is also different.

    Therefore, the specific water cooling electromagnetic size automatic iron removal machine how much money can find several reputable magnetic separator manufacturers to consult, pick out the appropriate.

    Here for you to recommend foshan WANJIADE science and technology, foshan WANJIADE science and technology, using the experience of the online direct sales,  also does not have the additional overhead in the process of sales, the price is cheaper;

    Foshan manka DE as a powerful magnetic separation machine manufacturers, domestic brand and good reputation, in addition to iron machine for the production of water-cooled electromagnetic pulp quality assured, mature technology, high efficiency and high yield, green environmental protection, affordable, good service at the same time, is the ideal choice for users to buy equipment

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