What Is The Rare Earth Magnetic Separator?
Jun 21, 2018

     Rare earth ore is a multi-metal ore which is often accompanied by iron ore. Rare earth elements are typical metal elements, and the magnetic properties of rare earth minerals are weak. The rare-earth permanent magnetic high magnetic field high gradient magnetic separator, used in the separation of rare earth minerals, can collect the rare earth concentrate in the sand grains of the original ore. The recovery rate of rare earth concentrate can reach more than 98%, which is an ideal equipment for the separation of rare earth minerals.

The working principle of magnetic separator of rare earth ore:

     The magnetic separator of the rare earth ore is to send the original ore from the magnetite by the weak magnetic separator into the hopper and vibrate the material of the vibrating motor, and the output can be adjusted accurately by the hand wheel. The magnetic roller is driven by the speed regulating motor, and the speed of the rotating speed is adjusted by the speed regulating table, which can control the output of the magnetic separator and the purity of the concentrate. The sand particles of the magnetic separator of the rare earth ore are sent into the magnetic roller by the conveyor belt. Because of the magnetic properties of the rare earth minerals, it is immediately adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic roll belt by a strong magnetic field, and the gangue ore (mainly quartz, followed by dolomite, calcite, sericite, feldspar, clay minerals, etc.) has no magnetism, and the magnetic roller is strong magnetic to it No suction is produced. With the rotation of the magnetic roller, the rare earth ore particles have been sucked on the surface of the magnetic roller belt, and the gangue sand is thrown out at the front of the magnetic roller to the front of the ore plate (by changing the angle of the ore plate to adjust the purity of the concentrate). The rare earth ore particles continue to be rotated by the magnetic separator of the rare-earth magnetic separator. When the demagnetizing area is automatically dropped into the concentrate inclined hopper, it is collected.

     As the magnetically weaker rare-earth particles are included in the gangue dropped by the upper magnetic roller, they will enter the magnetic roller and continue to be sorted. The finished rare-earth particles after magnetic separation are collected into the concentrate hopper and the concentrates selected by the upper magnetic roller together as the finished products. The thrown stone sand is discharged through the tailings, and the magnetic separation process is over. . Rare earth ore separator is abandoned because of gangue ore in rare earth ore. After separation, high purity rare earth concentrate can be obtained. Rare earth ore magnetic separator is the high-tech product I have studied. The technology is quite mature, and the equipment is creating benefits and wealth for more than 100 customers.

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