What Is The Role Of Iron Remover
Apr 19, 2018

1. It adopts a welded and fully sealed structure and is internally casted with an electrician-specific resin, so that it has the advantages of dustproof, good waterproof performance, strong insulation performance, and high heat dissipation effect.

2. Under the premise of ensuring the magnetic field suction performance (mainly IN), the number of turns of the coil is increased, and the current density is reduced, so that the heat source is greatly reduced to control the temperature within 70°C, and the service life of the iron separator is extended. It is widely used in coal, power, cement, building materials and other industries.

3. equipped with walking trolleys and other self-removal device, can adapt to the special requirements of the operating environment.

4. The iron remover is a powerful magnetic field to produce an attractive device that can be removed by ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material to ensure the safe operation of conveyor systems, crushers, grinders and other machinery and equipment, and It can effectively prevent large and long iron from diverting and conveying accidents, but it also significantly improves the quality of raw materials. Their unloading methods can be divided into manual unloading of iron, iron and automatic unloading of iron by process control. Due to the use of different occasions and magnetic circuit structures, a variety of series are formed.

5.         Principle: The bulk material of the belt conveyor, through the installation of the tail bracket separator (that is, the rotating DC magnet), the ferromagnetic material fragments, the waste iron ribbon ferromagnetic fragments are sucked and removed under the photosensitive drum motor to achieve automatic The purpose of iron removal.

6.         Separators are widely used in terms of metallurgy, mining, coal preparation, power plants, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemicals, food and feed processing industries, and in the emerging waste processing industry also require the separation of steel for waste separation. The iron remover can play an enormous role in all major iron and steel enterprises, as well as metal mines, power plants, light industry, refractory materials and other industries. The iron remover is used for conveying iron in various industries to continuously suck and discard iron.

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