What Problems Are Easy To Occur In The Production Of Wet Magnetic Separator
Mar 12, 2018

Wet magnetic separator is one of the most commonly used magnetic separation equipment in the mineral processing industry. It is widely used and has high production efficiency. However, in the production process if the magnetic separator is improper or unreasonable structure design is easy to appear the three following problems: first, the large amount of ore, overloaded sieve, sieve can not meet the requirements of working conditions, to screen qualified particle content is too low, it is expected to high-frequency fine screen production capacity high frequency fine screen factory value is too high, if the production capacity of more than mine to make the problem become more serious, the operator should according to the production capacity of ore factory calibration. Second, because of mineral processing problems, as the traditional wet magnetic separator magnetic separation equipment, it is used in the ore dressing plant is widely used, but the product is relatively simple, we can only make a limited selection of the limited varieties, it is difficult to do in different minerals have different targeted, and in order to achieve the effect of magnetic separator for secretion monomer separation of minerals is ideal, but the separation of conjoined minerals can not reach the ideal effect. Third, the design of the ore feeding site is not reasonable, resulting in the rapid wear of the ore feeding site. Therefore, the design of the wet magnetic separator should be improved. In addition, if the material of the screen does not pass through, it will also reduce the life span of the screen.

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