Which Factors Affect The Separation Effect Of Kaolin Magnetic Separation
May 10, 2018

Influence of thickness of coal seam on iron removal

In order to remove the iron in the coal belt, the magnetic separator should overcome the weight of the iron parts, the gravity of the coal seams on the parts, the friction force of the layer to the iron, and the additional gravity of the magnetized iron object in the field. The closer the magnetic pole is to the magnetic pole, the larger the suction force and the smaller the other negative effects, so it is much smaller to stick to the field strength that does not drop off the iron part, so it is much smaller than the required field strength to absorb the iron from the coal seam. So in order to control the temperature rise of the electromagnetic iron remover, the metal detector can be installed in front of the iron remover. When there are iron parts in the conveyor belt, the metal detector signals the iron remover, which causes strong magnetic field in the iron separator and attracts the iron pieces. Under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic iron remover only needs to ensure that the iron field does not fall off the magnetic field. In order to ensure that the metal detector is reliable, the dual sensor can be used in parallel, and only one detector can detect the iron.

In the thermal power plant, the configuration of the magnetic separator is getting higher and higher, the cost of the related equipment and buildings is greatly improved, and the energy consumption of the iron is also greatly added. Therefore, the application method of the iron remover is studied and the iron removal effect is improved. Then a proper balance is found in the field of magnetic field intensity, use and energy consumption. Necessary。

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