Which Factors Should Be Paid Attention To In Selecting And Buying Magnetic Separators
Jul 06, 2018

     The main factors that influence the selection of magnetic separators are magnetic field intensity and magnetic field gradient, magnetic medium, equipment rotation speed, rinse water and so on. 

Select the correct method of magnetic separator is: 

1, first determine the magnetic field strength can not meet the standards you need; 

2, check the frame and the components of the welding process is standard; 

3, equipped with the driving device to the national standard; 4, the appearance is fine and generous.

     The magnetic pole distance of magnetic field should also be paid attention to, especially for magnetite. The choice of magnetic pole distance should be determined by the particle size of magnetic separation. The smaller the particle size, the smaller the magnetic distance. The magnetic pole distance of high intensity magnetic separation equipment mainly affects the processing capacity. The magnetic field gradient is mainly for the weak magnetic minerals. The weak magnetic minerals of fine particles require high magnetic field gradient, thus ensuring the positive magnetic separation force on the iron mineral particles.

     Some of the factors affecting the selection and purchase of magnetic separators are external adjustable factors, some of which belong to fixed immutable factors. These factors have a greater impact on the beneficiation effect and should be paid more attention to when selecting equipment. Magnetic separation is a relatively simple ore dressing process, but it is more complex that the structure of magnetic separation equipment, especially the structure of the magnetic system, is more prudent to choose the magnetic separator than to choose other mineral processing equipment.

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