Why Do Small Magnetic Separators Use Cold Water To Cool Down
Jul 17, 2018

     Small magnetic separators are widely used for resource recovery, wood industry, mining, kiln industry, chemical industry, food and other industries, and are suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, magnetite, calcined ore, ilmenite and other materials with a particle size of less than 3mm. It is also used for iron removal of materials such as coal, non-metallic mines, and building materials. It is one of the most widely used and versatile models in the industry. The commonly used methods for cooling small magnetic separators are: water cooling, oil cooling, and air cooling. The water cooling method is the most convenient and most effective. His advantages are that oil cooling and air cooling can not be compared. The specific advantages of water cooling for small magnetic separators are as follows:

1. Save electricity consumption. The specific heat of water is twice that of the oil specific heat. At the same magnetic separation power and liquid flow speed, the water temperature rise decreases more. On the other hand, the small magnetic separator uses copper wire coils and the temperature rises by 20 °C. The resistance of the small magnetic separator increases by 7.8 %. Under water cooling conditions, it can reduce resistance and save electricity consumption.

2. Environmental protection and efficiency. Once water cooling is leaked, water will not pollute the environment, and oil will be cooled out of oil, which will pollute the environment.

3. High heat dissipation efficiency. The water cooling method is used to reduce the temperature of the small magnetic separator. The water flow flows along the wall of the pipe, and the heat dissipation effect is good. When the oil is cooled, there is an insulating layer between the oil layer and the wall of the pipe. The heat generated by the small magnetic separator needs to be absorbed by the insulation layer first. The temperature drops slowly.


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