Working Principle Of Permanent Magnetic Belt Magnetic Separator
Mar 20, 2018

The permanent magnetic belt magnetic separator uses a high magnetic rare-earth Nd-Fe-B magnetic block and ferrite magnetic block to make up a composite magnetic system.It has high magnetic field strength.The magnetic field is very deep, and it is not easy to demagnetization. Therefore, the equipment has great ability to deal with, the adaptability to the production fluctuation is strong, and the selection effect is good.

Working principle

The mineral particles from a bar box feeding port, through the permanent magnet magnetic bar magnet in the box,The magnetic material in magnetic mineral particles due to adsorption in the magnetic and non-magnetic mineral particles through the magnet and discharged from the discharge,At the same time through the cylinder device layer driven permanent magnet magnetic bar iron magnetic material adsorbed on the permanent magnet magnetic separation automatic falling from the iron outlet

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